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Ribble Valley Homes manages over 1200 properties across the Ribble Valley Area, with large areas of it designated as areas of outstanding natural beauty.

Who can apply to Ribble Valley Homes?

Anyone can apply to come onto the waiting list of Ribble Valley Homes but preference is given to applicants with a local connection.

This connection includes:

  • Current residents of the Ribble Valley
  • Applicants working in the Ribble Valley
  • Applicants over the age of 55 who have family in the Ribble Valley who will provide support.

We recognise that for some applicants, they may require support  to fulfil this criteria. We will work with other agencies wherever possible to ensure a support package is in place.


If you have become homeless or think you may shortly become homeless please contact Ribble Valley Borough Council


Call 01200 425111

Out of hours emergency number 01200 444448.

Address Ribble Valley Borough Council, Council Offices, Church Walk, Clitheroe, BB7 2RA

Suspension from Housing Waiting List 

 RVH has restrictions on who can join the waiting list some of these are statutory restrictions others are based on our agreed Allocations Policy. Full details are included in our ‘Suspension from Housing Policy’.

In Summary RVH will refuse applications from;

  •  Applicants from abroad who are subject to immigration control under the Asylum and Immigration Act 1996.
  •  Applicants who have committed offences within the following suspension categories
  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Racial harassment
  •  Hate Crimes
  • Domestic Violence
  •  Misrepresentation
  • Rent arrears and sundry debts
  •  Abandonment
  • Convictions for arrestable offences
  • Violence towards any RVH Officer or Board member
  • Assention 8 (eastern European countries)
  • Applicants who have their application suspended have the right to a review of the decision. Suspensions will be for a maximum of 2 years (except for applicants who are subject to immigration control) and will be regularly reviewed. Each case will be considered on an individual basis and on merit